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Bone Diseases

Notes: "disappearing bone" = OSTEOLYSIS, ESSENTIAL; TN 143: do not confuse with OSTEOPATHY see OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, the specialty dealing with bone dis; inflamm dis = OSTEITIS

Bone Diseases Categories.
Bone Diseases, Developmental
Bone Diseases, Endocrine - Diseases of the bones related to hyperfunction or hypofunction of the endocrine glands.
Bone Diseases, Metabolic
Bone Malalignment - Displacement of bones out of line in relation to joints. It may be congenital or traumatic in origin.
Bone Resorption - Bone loss due to osteoclastic activity.
Eosinophilic Granuloma - The most benign clinical form of Langerhans-cell histiocytosis (HISTIOCYTOSIS, LANGERHANS-CELL), which involves localized nodular lesions of the gastric mucosa, small intestine, bones, lungs, or skin, with infiltration by eosinophils. The proliferating cell that appears to be responsible for the clinical manifestations is the Langerhans cell.
Epiphyses, Slipped
Hyperostosis - Increase in the mass of bone per unit volume.
Osteitis Deformans - A disease marked by repeated episodes of increased bone resorption followed by excessive attempts at repair, resulting in weakened, deformed bones of increased mass. The resultant architecture of the bone assumes a mosaic pattern in which the fibers take on a haphazard pattern instead of the normal parallel symmetry.
Osteoarthropathy, Primary Hypertrophic - A conditioned chiefly characterized by thickening of the skin of the head and distal extremities, deep folds and furrows of the skin of the forehead, cheeks, and scalp, seborrhea, hyperhidrosis, periostosis of the long bones, digital clubbing, and spadelike enlargement of the hands and feet. It is more prevalent in the male, and is usually first evident during adolescence. It is believed to be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
Osteoarthropathy, Secondary Hypertrophic - Symmetrical osteitis of the four limbs, chiefly localized to the phalanges and the terminal epiphyses of the long bones of the forearm and leg, sometimes extending to the proximal ends of the limbs and the flat bones, and accompanied by dorsal kyphosis and joint involvement. It is often secondary to chronic conditions of the lungs and heart. (Dorland, 27th ed)
Osteochondritis - Inflammation of bone and cartilage.
Osteonecrosis - Death of a bone or part of a bone, either atraumatic or posttraumatic.
Spinal Diseases

Bone Diseases Definitions and Terms

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